Sunday, November 25, 2007

Have Faith

Life does get better.
My daughters and I had a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving. No fights! No drama!
My work "friend" is trying to make up for her transgressions. It is going to be difficult I think. She's already a little pouty that we all haven't forgotten everything just because she admitted she was in the wrong. I guess she figured the sorry word would fix everything. We'll see.
Social Security continues to be a major headache. We're trying to work it out.
The washer died. New one gets delivered tomorrow.
Busy cleaning and organizing my house.
A really nice thing happened! I belong to a group called "Freecycle" where you recycle things instead of selling them or throwing them away. I was just telling my husband that I wish someone would list a hutch and voila! I now have a really nice hutch (and multiple sore muscles from carrying it down seventeen steep steps with DH, but I'll live)!!

UPDATE: Social Security is almost resolved. Love my (free) hutch.