Sunday, April 5, 2009

A music video for a book!!

I saw the coolest thing on, today. Here's the link:
Anyway, if you have trouble with the link, it's

You're the One that I Haunt (Nicki Styx, Book 3)

and it has a music video. Cool music, nice visuals. Really enjoyed it! I of course had to order the book and the ones before it.

I'm so excited about two angel paintings I bought from a dear online friend Jackie. She's Catchafallingstar on Ebay and does beautiful work.

Twilight is very big at our house (at least with my teenage daughter and I). DH can take it or leave it. I've read all the books (she's read them several times), we've seen the movie (she went to the theater several times) and we now each own the DVD.
For her 19th birthday on March 30th, I had a "Twilight" theme - the DVD, a book about the movie, a canvas bag and a music/jewelry box. She also received several other items, but, the movie theme was a big hit. The whole family was here. We made tacos, had homemade enchiladas, salad and a birthday cake her older sister made from scratch. It was a terrific afternoon/evening.

I will probably watch the video for the book again, then have some reading to do.