Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting Older

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and I'm feeling older this year.
I dyed my hair my actual color because YIKES I realized some of the blonde in my hair was SILVER!!
I am fairly healthy, loved and employed. Life could be worse.
Maybe it's the doldrums at the end of summer, my baby starting college or attitude, but my motivation just seems low lately.
I have a pattern sitting out, fabric and yet..........just can't get started.
My big accomplishments for today (my last day of a long weekend) was a few loads of laundry, picking out clothes for the rest of the work week and going through all the stuff in my hutch.
Ah well.
Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, life keeps going, doesn't it? I seem to be really busy lately.
The hot weather is making some people very grumpy. I'm okay as long as I have air conditioning!!
We had a great party for my youngest daughter, who graduated from high school. Of course, being an outdoor party it rained.
My oldest daughter and DH are settling in to their new home. It's totally like a house I would like when I grow up! Gorgeous woodwork, three bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 bathrooms. Yep, I could live in that house!
Finished three of my dolls from Gala! One to go, but, not one I'm crazy about. I'll work up to it.
Still downsizing tons of STUFF. I sold some of it on ebay, but, gave alot away, too. Giving everything from dolls to kids bikes was way more fun than selling.
Here's a picture of three of my dolls - okay, one is half naked, but, what a great face!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Gala

Had a wonderful time a the doll gala in Aurora Ohio! Four fabulous teachers, learned some great new techniques, visited with friends! Life is good.
Of course my dolling vacation is over tomorrow, back to work. But, I think the weight on my shoulders feels lighter! Dolling with like-minded friends will do that!
My daughter's tattoo is progressing, more gorgeous as color is added. I HOPE this one will fill her need for body art.
My oldest daughter and her DH are buying a house! Hurray!
Not sure when my extra 18 yr old moves out. Soon after graduation I'm hoping.

AN UPDATE: Now have only my DD at home!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Strange World

Well, this year is extremely hectic.
Our neighbor's daughter was kicked out after her 18th birthday, just because they could. So now I have two teenagers to get up for school, clean up after, feed and push to the goal line of graduation. My Elizabeth is getting great grades and seems like she has it pretty together. Although (groan) as a newly minted 18 she got a tattoo that she's been wanting for two years. It's beautiful, artistic and forever on her back.
I think it's easier when you've raised a child from birth to explain the basic principles of turning off lights, etc. I don't want the other girl to feel bad, or unwanted so I try to be patient.
Please give me patience.