Monday, September 14, 2009

If I'm not doing what I thought I was, then what am I doing?

I hate it when I come to a crossroads in life and I know it is time to choose. I am not an adventurer. I love home, hearth, family and tend to adore routine. I think it's from coming from an unsettled childhood - never certain if parents were going to kill each other, themselves or abandon all us five of us kiddos. It can't have have been healthy to hear screaming fights "Give me that knife................" and pray into your pillow that they (or at least one of them) would manage to survive til I turned 18. Nope, makes me understand the whole hunker down and grow roots thing. Okay, crossroads. My boss has turned into a person who first accuses you of not doing what you are supposed to do, then, when you calmly explain you have been doing EXACTLY what you were told to do, she stops, glares and says (I could not make this up) "Stop doing that, there are better uses of your time."
The obvious crossroad? Time to find a new job. But, feeling so fried, that nothing really sounds very appealing.
Time to climb out of the comfort zone, and find someone (boss person) who:
a) doesn't change their mind in the middle of a sentence
b)doesn't manage to yell at you for doing and not doing something in the same breath
c)doesn't give manage to give you whiplash in the middle of a conversation as she changes side/opinion

I'm known for calmly dealing with things. However, the temper is getting ready to flare. Not a good thing.