Sunday, May 1, 2011


Visited Quinn and family this Saturday.  I love how she makes me feel with her giggles and smiles.

My own mother, who I am not close to physically or emotionally is having some medical problems.  She won't live closer to any of us (or with us), because she prefers Texas and being near her sister and brother.  Which makes it hard, when my aunt contacted one of my three siblings to tell him that he needs to "come and stay with your mother and take care of her".  He lives in Georgia and is working on a degree.  I have two sisters - one in Kansas, one in Florida, and I am in Pennsylvania.  We all work and/or go to school and I am sure they are as busy as I am.

Although I am an RN, my mom doesn't like to discuss her "personal" medical needs.  That includes medications.  She doesn't want me knowing her "business".  So, I had to be sneaky, telling my brother what questions to ask, etc.  For whatever reason, she feels he will be more knowledgeable about all things medical, although that isn't really his area of training.  Well, it only took a few minutes for him to discover an alarming amount of medications that interact with each other, that she is taking, prescribed by different doctors (he was emailing me as he looked into things).  So now she has an appointment this week to visit one doctor with all her medications.  I think a good medical workup and review of her medications will help alot.  We are also looking into caregivers who can be there more than the 3 days a week she now has someone come in.  In a perfect world, we would all be closer, geographically at least, and able to take a more hands on approach.  We handled things, and will continue to, as best we can.

On a more cheerful note, here is my grandbaby, yesterday:  My extended family may not be close, but, I hope my immediate family and I will always be.