Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finishing Projects

Went to see my gorgeous granddaughter this weekend, now that we're no longer all germy (husband has now recovered, too).
An interesting thing has happened on the way to organizing the playroom for the munchkin aka granddaughter.  I am FINISHING THINGS.  I have often thought I could start a thousand projects, but, lose interest before completed.  Something about this mission is organizing my ways, too.  I finished several pillows I had been working on for months, for her window seat and floor in her nursery.  The smaller pillows involved machine and hand sewing, so they had been languishing in my to-do basket (it's a really BIG basket) for months.  The first one was finished before she was born on December 3rd, and I started off fine, but, now they are actually in her nursery.  I have another fleece pillow for a floor pillow started, but, seems more likely I'll finish it.  I lined up the smaller ones on the window seat, put the big one on the floor, and got busy playing with her on her play mat, took pictures of her (of course!) and totally forgot to photograph the pillows.
I also have resumed work on her cross stitch quilt (did I mention I start alot of stuff!!!??).
So, here's a picture of the mighty and beautiful Quinn.  The pictures of the pillows can wait until she is also with them!