Sunday, November 25, 2007

Have Faith

Life does get better.
My daughters and I had a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving. No fights! No drama!
My work "friend" is trying to make up for her transgressions. It is going to be difficult I think. She's already a little pouty that we all haven't forgotten everything just because she admitted she was in the wrong. I guess she figured the sorry word would fix everything. We'll see.
Social Security continues to be a major headache. We're trying to work it out.
The washer died. New one gets delivered tomorrow.
Busy cleaning and organizing my house.
A really nice thing happened! I belong to a group called "Freecycle" where you recycle things instead of selling them or throwing them away. I was just telling my husband that I wish someone would list a hutch and voila! I now have a really nice hutch (and multiple sore muscles from carrying it down seventeen steep steps with DH, but I'll live)!!

UPDATE: Social Security is almost resolved. Love my (free) hutch.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Totally like my diary LOL

Okay, this is totally like a diary! I never kept them up-to-date either. I guess maybe I'm just not that interesting.
Anyway, have been helping daughter and her DH work on their new home. I now like it so much I want to live there myself!
I played with decoupage and I like the way it is coming. Don't like the glue, etc. on my skin but, found this cool glue remover that totally works without damaging my skin. Elmers makes it.

Friday, June 8, 2007

So I guess it's like a diary........................

So, I'm trying to get used to posting to this, before I start inviting others.
I found out I'm getting a new office this week. The exciting part of it, is that it has a window. Right now, the office I have is a small, windowless room where I face a wall! Not to worry - I have pictures galore, so I'm not too sensory deprived. I only share with one other person (the office that is). The new office is about three times bigger (plus window!) and I'll be sharing it with three people. Hopefully, the additional people won't make it too noisy, as my work requires a tremendous amount of concentration.
I had a positive week, plus I found time to paint a picture. It's more folksy than artsy, but, at least I was creative! My youngest daughter paints these great faces with just a few lines that are so evocative. I've already framed one and plan to frame another as soon as she signs it (always sign your work!!).

Monday, June 4, 2007

This year

So far this year, we've had another wedding, and my husband Robert and I went on a short (but sweet) vacation to a doll conference in Ohio. I had classes with elinor peace bailey and Allison Marano.
The wedding was quite a production, but, lovely. It was our second wedding, following two college graduations last year. So, it's been busy (and expensive).
Just one chick at home now. Will I be a depressed empty nester a year from now? Stay tuned.
The doll conference was "Flowers Fairies & Fiber Fancies" sponsored by the Doll Gatherers of Aurora, Ohio.
We stayed in a country inn (named the Aurora Inn) of course. The food was excellent and the rooms were charming. No computer hook-up in the room, so I could add quaint to that description! But, no serious withdrawal from computer use - way too busy!
First night was "The Gala", where we could shop and spend, admire dolls for the competition, and the best part - a lecture with elinor peace bailey, complete with hands-on with her dolls, poetry and of course it wasn't over until "the fat lady sings". I wore a flowery, long summer dress and a flamboyant (for me!) dressy blue garden hat. epb was of course the individual she is, wearing bright colors and the reddest hair I've ever seen!
My first class was epb's The Fairy of It Will Happen Soon Enough. What a hoot! We made the most beautiful flat dolls, then, she had us design our own!
Next day, was Allison Marano's Henley Goes Into the Garden. Henley is a cloth sculptured house gnome. I worked my fingers off getting his nose "okay". I was also exposed to free motion sewing for the first time, which was really coool!!
The second night we had a banquet after class. The food was excellent! I must have gained five pounds! My "door prize" was one of those cool poseable wood manikins that artists use for posing, etc. Always something I've wanted, but, didn't buy for myself.
The third night was the final night (sigh) and we had the chef's special bread pudding with a suger sculpture on top - too rich, even for me! I won a prize basket full of goodies to make an apple dessert and a beautiful porcelain fairy.
Meanwhile, my hubby had worked-out a problem with a program he was tweaking on his laptop, and found time to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (just a short drive away). I had dinner with him two of the nights and the night of the banquet, he got Chinese food.
More, later!

How to start blogging

So begins my try at blogging! Never enough time in the day, but, maybe I need to write some thoughts of where I'm at and where I'm going!