Friday, September 30, 2011


The play room is almost done!  Hurray!  We still need to buy the new flooring and install it.  A little bit of touch up painting and Quinn's play room can officially open.

Angry People and Kindness

Why are some people so angry?  They blow the horn at you if you pause too long after the light changes, bump you with their cart in the check out line (now really, is it going to make the underpaid cashier check me out any faster if you bruise my leg?), complain loudly when the underpaid waitresses, short order cooks, cashiers of the world aren't fast enough.  Do they kick their dog when they go home?  Do they want their kids treated the way they treat others?
The world is  a hard place on a good day.  I learned to be more patient with others as I've grown older.  I've learned to tip more after my daughters served others before finishing college.  I learned to be patient with the new checker who is struggling to remember a multitude of details, because this is someone's child.  They are trying to be a productive member of society.  Most low paying jobs are mind numbing at best, terrifying at worst.  I worked my share before I found out I needed a real education to do more than survive in this world.  Let's all be a little more patient, a little kinder.