Saturday, June 11, 2011

My project

Well, although life has been throwing some painful curve balls my way, I'm still moving forward with my playroom project.  Now, the biggest change right now, is I've swapped off which room I'm planning on using.  Downstairs is a room I use as a sitting room, with a large hutch and tons of sewing projects.  Trouble is, as I've been trying to use it for the rest of my stuff from the upstairs bedroom, there isn't enough room for everything.  I don't want the room that Quinn plays in to have mixed uses - it's for her and any brothers, sisters or cousins that join her for play at some point.  So after some hard thinking (after all, I've gotten rid of tons of stuff already, organized even more) I decided that the downstairs sitting room might be better for a playroom in the long run.  It has three windows, has nice carpet that I may or may not keep in there, and the walls were done not that long ago, so except for the usual minor filling in here and there, it will be easy to repaint.  Right now, it is a deep rose, but, I want a minty green for the upper walls and chalkboard paint on at least part of the lower walls.  There's a newer ceiling fan with light, and is bright and airy.  I think the storage in the upstairs bedroom will be better suited for my sewing stuff.  The hutch takes up all of one wall in the downstairs sitting room.  I won't get rid of it because a) it was given to me by a dear friend who has since passed away and b) I love displaying my collections in the upper glass doored part.  My husband will look it over and help me decide if it stays put or gets moved (I have no idea exactly where - it weighs a ton and is huge).  On the plus side, the lower doors could be child proofed until Quinn is older, and/or she could keep her toys in the bottom half.  The upper half is more problematic, but, we have time to think it through.
However, with some planning, I think this room will be perfect for the child(ren).  Will add some before and after pictures as soon as I have some good ones.