Saturday, July 23, 2011

Junk drawer

Well, my next baby step went well this week.  The irritating junk drawer!  Here are before and after pictures.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I am so happy!  Despite a long hot day at work, I came home, visited with my husband and daughter, and then after dinner dishes ORGANIZED!  I switched the two cupboards I mentioned in yesterday's post (pots and pans, storage dishes and large serving bowls) and it works!  Of course I had to wipe them out, sort the junk out (you know, the containers without lids, etc.), but it totally works!  Wish I'd taken a before picture, but, even my husband loves it!

I feel like I'm really going to get this all done - one baby step at a time!
Of course this is my granddaughter doing her baby step thing, but, she's way cuter than I am!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot weather and organizing

Today I dried multiple loads of wash on my clothesline (and sorted and folded and put them), sorted through a stack of papers (and threw half of it away), washed the siding on the back of my house, and half of the other side (I need another hose to finish, as one is too short), finished a book I started reading a couple of days ago and visited with my youngest daughter.  I rearranged the furniture in my living room last night before I went to bed.  Why all this hard work?  I really wanted to go see my granddaughter this weekend, but, my husband has a nasty cold, so, I kept really busy.  My organizing projects got a nice little boost with a book I'm also reading called "One Year to an Organized Life" by Regina Leeds.  Being the impatient sort, I of course skimmed through sections of the book without reading the whole introduction, then had to go back and read it when she lost me partway through a chapter (which all made sense after reading the beginning).  Every organization book I read gives me a nudge in the right direction.  Partway through the kitchen chapter a light  went on in the brain and I realized that the reason two of my cupboards never seem to work, no matter how I organize them, is that they need to have the contents switched from one to the other.  It made so much sense, I couldn't believe it.  The cupboards, about 11 years ago, when we remodeled, made perfect sense to me, the way I organized them.  But, they have been a messy problem ever since.  I had it in my head that they were where they should be, even though it didn't really work.  My aha moment was when I realized how much more sense it made moving my pots and pans to the corner cupboard right next to the stove.  After all, they were only a couple of cupboards over, etc., etc., so every time I read in any book that you store things where they are used, I thought I had them there..  The corner cupboard is more open and taller, so I will actually be able to put the lids on the pans and see what I'm reaching for, with its two curved shelves.  What is currently stored in that handy corner cupboard?  My storage containers and lids, a few extra serving bowls, etc.  Not the best use of the space.  Don't even get me started about the other corner cupboard which is overloaded with not one set of good china, but, probably, counting the special Christmas china, three sets of good china, several different sets of everyday china, bowls, platters, etc.  This book recommends keeping your favorite stuff and gifting the rest, either to family or charity.  Because, the reality is, we don't really use most of it - ever.  Another thought for another day.  But, the hard part is of course parting with the pretty things.  As for the picture?  My gorgeous granddaughter, who I miss!