Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The ongoing battle with clutter

Haven't had as much time or energy lately, as trained a replacement for my old position and started a new one (same employer).  But, the new position requires a different form of dress, so after a frustrating first week trying to put outfits together, cleaned out my closet (mostly) this past weekend.  I actually filled two garbage bags with clothing I know someone else can use, but, I won't.  You know the "what used to fit", "what might fit", "maybe I'll need someday" stuff.  It's still not as uncluttered as I'd like, but, the clothes can actually hang without being "squished", and putting outfits together (I sorted by color)is much easier.  I like pretty tops, but, stay with solid color bottoms (except for the occasional skirt).  I rediscovered things I'd forgotten I had, some to keep and some to give away.  The level of frustration has vanished!  Feel much more put together and professional.  I'm replacing a few things, but, as a new item comes in, something has to go.  If the old is still nice, will go to an appreciative new home.
Best thing, is clutter hasn't crept back as I've been busy, as I'm still keeping up with the areas (kitchen table, nightstand) where things accumulate.
It's not perfect, and there are miles to go, but, it's working!

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