Sunday, October 7, 2012

A New Goal!

It it is past time for a new goal in my ongoing battle with clutter.
So, here it is!
Come August 18th, next year, which happens to be my birthday, I will have my craft room in the room that now holds the balance of my clutter.  The old carpet will be ripped out.  The useless corner closet will be torn out, the window will be professionally replaced.  I will patch and paint until the years of childhood that marked, scarred and dented those walls, will not be erased, but, tidied, softened.  I think of colors and decor as I drift off to sleep.
Because, I've learned, that if I plan, and focus, and picture it done, it will be (with alot of really hard work!).
I have continued to thin out, declutter, donate and shed as much as I can on a weekly basis.  I've donated clothing, furniture, lamps, books and dolls.   The funny thing is, once it's gone, it is really just gone - not missed or mourned.
 Now, this is the toughest part of the road.  Because, these are the things I've not yet been able to part with.  The survivors of multiple purges.  But, there is just too much stuff.
I don't always have the motivation, the energy or the time I would like.  Today, I decluttered a bookcase that had become a catch-all in one of the downstairs rooms.  It was a small project, but, one I could accomplish before going in for four hours of work in the office, today.
Tomorrow, after work, I hope to work on my messy upstairs hall.
Stay tuned!

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