Saturday, January 12, 2013

Clutter, clutter, toil and trouble

I may not be a prolific poster, but, I've continued on with my mission of decluttering my life and home.  I discovered a nifty trick for my clothing closet.  I had tried organizing by type of item, color, etc., but, nothing seemed to stick.  Then, on a whim, I decided to put together several outfits and hang them together.  I quickly found why some things never seemed to get worn - the usual of poor fit, nothing to go with, out of style, or just didn't really like it after all.  Those items went in a couple of big ole bags and out to bless someone else's closet.  Then I put together ten nice outfits for work on one side of the closet and my jeans and sweats on a shelf on the opposite wall.  Something interesting happened - I like it!  I hang the outfit for the next day on a hook inside my closet, before I climb into bed.  No fuss, no muss.  When I get home, off goes the nice work outfit, and on goes the comfy clothes. 
I've actually worn some things for the first time, or as a different put together outfit for the first time, and have discovered new favorites!  I think it works because I'm not desperately digging through baskets and clutter trying to find my jeans or a top to match my pants............
I haven't worked through my whole closet yet, but, it doesn't seem as overwhelming as it did.  It's a habit I hope to keep.

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